Johnny English

Johnny English
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What is there to say about Johnny English ? Rowan Atkinson had established quite a career on british television with such hilarious show as Black Adder and Mr. Bean, but upon seeing his latest effort, it seems his talent has left him completely. Following Ben Stiller’s Zoolander, here is the second failed attempt to walk in the footsteps of the successful series of spoofs that is the Austin Powers franchise. Maybe Atkinson doesn’t fit on a the silver screen? The film adaptation of his most famous character, Bean, was already disappointing as it was only a 35mm best of his gigs. Atkinson must have thought that calling Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, responsible for the last two James Bond movies, was a good idea, but he could have prevented from asking the writer from Stop or my mom will shoot to participate in an alrealy doomed adventure. During less than an hour and a half of film, 99% of all the jokes miss their point. The greatest idea the authors have come up with is to hire John Malkovich and have him talk in english with the worst fake french accent ever. Genius, isn’t it? Needless to say, the feature has its share of low-grade toilet humour and worn out jokes. Let us hope for a more inspired Atkinson on his next outing.

par Robert Hospyan

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