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États-Unis, 2001
De Bill Paxton
Scénario : Brent Hanley
Avec : Luke Askew, Powers Boothe, Matthew McConaughey, Matt O'Leary, Bill Paxton, Jeremy Sumpter
Durée : 1h36
Sortie : 01/01/2001
Note FilmDeCulte : ****--

Frailty is a moral weakness. Why is Bill Paxton's directed debut called that ? The film leaves the question in the air as it offers quite a few possible explanations. The movie follows a serial killer's murdering spree, but from the point of view of the criminal, which is pretty rare for a thriller and is done through extensive use of flash-backs. We follow his every day life, we learn about his motivations, we see that he makes his kids take part in the murders. He's no psycho like, for example, Henry in the film of the same name. He's a normal, loving father, who stays lucid although he thinks a divine mission has been entrusted to him. The dark story of this deeply religious man who goes overboard, bringing his family with him, is just plain fascinating. 'Frailty' reveals the tortured sides of a puritan and self-centered America. The story is made believable by the actors, among which Paxton is amazing as well as his kids. They show both love and despair, madness and doubt

Coming from Paxton, who's more of a blockbuster kind of guy, the movie is a delightful surprise, although it doesn't go as far as it could have. 'Frailty' is almost a poignant and pathetic moral drama, but it disappointigly stays no more than a very intelligent thriller. The movie's final moments, which bring the story on the brink of fantasy and raise important ethical questions, are not developped enough and leave the viewer with the feeling of something not finished. 'Frailty' is nevertheless a pleasant movie which highly deserves to be seen and should fuel quite a few philosophical debates about the nature of evil.

par Yannick Vély

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