Core (The)

Core (The)
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Core (The)
États-Unis, 2003
De Jon Amiel
Scénario : Cooper Layne, John Rogers
Avec : Aaron Eckhart, Tcheky Karyo, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci
Durée : 2h14
Sortie : 01/01/2003
Note FilmDeCulte : *-----

Geophysicist Josh Keyes notices electromagnetic storms erupting all over the face of the Earth. He swiftly concludes the planet’s core has stopped spinning. Doom is at hand if nothing is down within three months. A team of scientists and astronauts journey to the center of the Earth to jumpstart that good ol’core.

Ever since Independence Day came out, a bunch of disaster pics have followed it. The task was a hard one for Paramount to come up with something new and exciting. They achieved what they wanted: The Core is truly a disaster. The pitch is basically the same as for Journey to the Center of the Earth but it’s treated in Armageddon fashion. Michael Bay’s movie is closely followed down to the very scene of the straw drawing to designate the one who gets to sacrifice himself. Everything happens laboriously and slow making the usual incoherencies all the more visible.

The ship that goes down to the core carries not only a nuclear arsenal, but mostly an arsenal of clichés. They’re all there: a Black guy, a brave NASA gung-ho guy, a nice scientist guy, a womanising French guy. And don’t count on the actors to save this mess, even though most of them come from indie pics. The SFX are not on par either: some scenes, such as the destruction of Rome, remind us of the worst Highlander episodes. Is The Core the swan-song of disaster movies ? Let’s hope not, if Roland Emmerich manages to deliver with his The Day after Tomorrow, due out next year.

par Yannick Vély